About us

Hello, as we all know this page is usually full of drivel with facts and figures. That’s all well and good for multi-national corporations. For us however, all that information is irrelevant and I imagine quite boring, unless you’re my accountant that is.

Who are we? Well P & E events is my Wife Erica and myself Phil. We are just us really, no magnificent story about how we plan to change the world or anything quite so dramatic as that. We live in a quiet little village in Essex, with our two children and have always been an arty crafty pair. Erica studied interior design prior to gaining a First Class Honours Degree in Special Education Studies. Whereas, I studied graphic design and worked as a Lighting Technician for a local company. Whilst we were planning our wedding, without needing to discuss it, we both knew we would be making our own wedding stationary, resulting in what we felt was an outstanding finish.

Some months later, there we were happily married with baby number 2 on the way, when our friends came over and presented us with their save the date card. Our first reaction was ‘oh they are lovely, where did you get them?’ followed by ‘HOW MUCH?!!’ after that we made the rest of their stationary bespoke. A few days later, Erica and myself were talking and decided we could do a better job at a lesser price. Deciding to give it a go, we stuck some cards on eBay and sat back to see what would happen. As the days passed we sold more and more cards without really noticing the market we had stumbled upon. Before we knew it, we had accidently started a business selling too many cards to class it as a hobby. We were then faced with a BIG decision, turn our hobby into a business or stop. Neither of us had done anything like this before so it was a hard decision to make; starting a business was quite a daunting thought, when we stopped and thought about it. Regardless, we decide to bite the bullet and go for it! And there you have it, a family run business, started by accident, and we haven’t looked back once. We both love our work as we are doing what we truly enjoy.

We strive for perfection for every job, aiming to provide high quality but with truly “IS THAT ALL?!!” prices

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